About Us


Altertrips is a discovery platform for hyperlocal events, classes and activities that bring people closer and help them experience a destination in all its authenticity. We aim to bring local businesses in touch with global citizens to cultivate a sustainable and socially-responsible industry. As a new business we’re focused on diversity, and unbiased culture right from the roots.

Founded late 2016, Altertrips has grown over the last year and a half as a travel marketplace, with immensely satisfied customers, multiple successful tours, strong B2B relations and a motto we truly believe in. Our operations now cover India, UK, Hungary, Czech Republic, Vienna, Iceland, Tanzania, Kenya, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand and Vietnam.


Amrita Chowdhury

Product Development, Business Development, B2B Onboarding

Being a sailor’s daughter, Amrita sailed the seas, towing behind her parents, at a very young age. Her love for travelling has taken her to 26 countries around the world and motivated her to co-found Altertrips during the winter of 2016. Amrita was classically trained to be an architect and has worked in London, Nottingham, Mumbai, Vadodara, Paris and Kolkata. She’s currently pursuing the life of a writer and entrepreneur.


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Priyanka Biswas

Priyanka Biswas

Business Development, B2C Onboarding, Social Media & Content

Being the daughter of a wanderlust mother, Priyanka had taken to travelling at a very young age. Her passion for globe-trotting has taken her on a voyage to 15 different countries and to some of the remotest corners of India. It was this love of travelling and the need for promoting the local economy, that led her to co-found Altertrips. She is currently pursuing the life of an active social worker and philanthropist and an entrepreneur.