Month: July 2018


7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Road- Trip

How to save money on travel is something we get asked a lot. Like us, most of our friends have traveling on their list of priorities, as they want to get away from life’s  mundane schedules and experience the outdoors. The other question that we come across a lot is how do we get out of debt so that we can travel more? If you want to travel cheaper and more frequently, you need to make your money last during your trips. One of the biggest lessons we learnt from driving around the country is that the food you think will be cheap…

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Green Shades of Simlipal

Located at a distance of 190 kms from Kolkata, Simlipal National Park in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha has its own reasons to attract itinerants all around the world. Spreading over an area of almost 3000 Kilometre Square, this national park hosts a wide range of flora and fauna. Being one among the 18 biospheres in India, Simlipal is a home to white tigers, leopards, sambar, barking deers, elephants and wild boars. Along with a variety of orchids, jungle fowl, hill mynah and Indian hornbill are some of the most commonly found species of birds in the green wood. Apart from…